Rates & Coverage

Let’s find what works for you!

You will receive a receipt with my registration number on it for benefits reimbursement 

In-person or virtual 

You will receive a receipt with all the attendees names on it for benefits reimbursement

In-person or virtual. All people in the relationship must attend these sessions.

90 min / $ 50
6 week / $ 300

You will receive a receipt with your name on it for benefits reimbursement. 

The group options are:

  • Monthly support group gathering for those experiencing climate grief or ecoanxiety
  • 6 week psychoeducation group to gather tools to manage ecoanxiety


Private insurance

My services are recognized by most major insurers, including Canada Life, GreenShield, iA, Manulife, Pacific Blue Cross, Medavie, Blue Cross, and SunLife. I recommend you confirm your plan coverage prior to beginning counselling. If you’d like to work with me and your plan does not cover Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCCs), you can request coverage speaking to your plan representative.

Sliding scale

Sliding scale counselling is a type of therapy where the fees charged for services are based on the client’s income or ability to pay. This allows individuals with lower incomes or financial constraints to access mental health services that may have otherwise been unaffordable. The sliding scale fee is usually determined together may be based on a client’s income, family size, and other financial factors.